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                              Domestic service hotline:+0561-6063636  International Service Hotline:+86-552-3511234
                              About us
                              Anhui Jucheng Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd ( abbr. CJCC ) is located in State Suixi Economic Development Zone of Huaibei city,Anhui province which is one cradle of Chinese liquor and a crucial energy zone of China .CJCC occupies 150,000 square meters ,the register capital of which reaches around CNY 36 millions with the advanl …… [more]
                              Model Innovation Studio
                              Enterprise Tenent
                              Quality first, Customer orientation,Superior service
                              Enterprise Vision
                              To be a top-ranking International polymer production base
                              Operation philosophy
                              Advanced technology to create brand perference;Integrity & high efficiency to fully meet customers'requirements
                              Core value
                              People caring, integrity & innovation
                                MAIL:[email protected]
                              Into the giant into
                              Enterprise introduction
                              Core strengths
                              organizational structure
                              Product application
                              Petroleum exploitation
                              Paper making industry
                              Water treatment industry
                              Other areas
                              corporate culture
                              Huge into culture
                              news information
                              Talent project
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